Facing Felony Charge From a DUI in California?

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Are you going to be avoided to court soon for a current DUI that could end up being a felony charge? This generally suggests that your blood alcohol content was at least.15 or more. This is exactly what it takes in a lot of states to allow them to charge you with a felony unless you hurt or could have possibly hurt somebody when you got the DUI. Here is what you have to know to avoid the DUI felony possibility. For more information, contact Randy Collins Law Offices.

First, if you go to court without a legal representative, then you might also anticipate to obtain the maximum. Especially if you put someone in danger and you get a judge that is harsh on drinking offenses. This would suggest the possibility of 6 months to a year in jail, numerous fines, community service, probation, suspended drivers license for at least a year, and possibly more. This would not be an enjoyable deal to go through.

Second, when you are facing a DUI felony you require the best type of legal representative to help you out. The cost must not matter since if you hire the ideal person or lady in your neighborhood, then there is a likelihood you will get the minimum or will have the ability to plea down to a lower offense. This is because the best lawyer for your DUI felony will have the connections you need with the judge and district attorney.

Last, you ought to know that there are ways you can even leave your charge if you know the proper way to approach it. Getting a legal representative is the first step, however there are lots of other things you have to know to keep yourself out of prison and keep this possible DUI off your record. It is not a tough thing to obtain out of if you know exactly what you are doing and you understand the best ways to work the courts correctly.